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TOPIC: How to customise the settings and what is worth to be customised

How to customise the settings and what is worth to be customised 3 years 8 months ago #3039

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Hi folks!

As I had to reinstall UT2004 due to a Win10 upgrade, i had to customise my settings again as i was used to have it before. I post them here in case someone wants to try them, too. Or in case someone did forget what and how to change the most important settings.

So here are my changes in the "clean" UT2004.ini and User.ini:
1. Open UT2004.ini

2. Change resolution:

3. Enemy Sounds easier to hear:
Rolloff=0.500000 to Rolloff=0.010000

4. AmbientSound turn off:

5. FG-Favorites:
Favorites=(ServerID=0,IP="",Port=30100,QueryPort=30101,ServerName="€€€Fair-ø€@Gamers °°øUT2004 ONS »Torlan-only« Server #1")
Favorites=(ServerID=0,IP="",Port=30200,QueryPort=30201,ServerName="€€€Fair-ø€@Gamers °°øUT2004 ONS »Torlan-only« Server #2")
Favorites=(ServerID=0,IP="",Port=30700,QueryPort=30701,ServerName="€€€Fair-ø€@Gamers °°øUT2004 øø@»U@@@LTRAøø@-B@@@ESTøø@-T@@@IMESøø@« °°øTrial-Maps Server #7")
Favorites=(ServerID=0,IP="",Port=30300,QueryPort=30301,ServerName="€€€Fair-ø€@Gamers °°øUT2004 ONS »BEST default&custom MAPS« Server #3")
Favorites=(ServerID=0,IP="",Port=30800,QueryPort=30801,ServerName="€€€Fair-ø€@Gamers °°øUT2004 @@À»@°°ProInvasion@@À« °°øServer #8")
Favorites=(ServerID=0,IP="",Port=30600,QueryPort=30601,ServerName="€€€Fair-ø€@Gamers °°øUT2004 »TAM&Freon« Server #6")
Favorites=(ServerID=0,IP="",Port=30500,QueryPort=30501,ServerName="€€€Fair-ø€@Gamers °°øUT2004 Freon,TAM,AM @°@[PRIVATE] °°øServer #5")
Of course I won't post the right passwords... you have to look in your own former UT2004.ini for your own passwords (and maybe favorites).

Now you can close the UT2004.ini and

6. open the User.ini

7. Turn off own foot steps:
..... etc. (etc. means you have to search for the option and turn it off in every single case)

8. close the User.ini

9. Start UT

10. Start a game of TAM and open the console and type "menu3spn"

11. activate Force Brightskin Models

12. activate Disable Own Foot Steps

And that's it (what I changed).

Hope I could help.


P.S.: I additional changed the keyboard settings and keybinds. But this will make an other posting.
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